About Us

Fire Athlete Fitness was founded by Lt. Ryan Vacek in 2006 as a way to help firefighters reach their fitness goals. The program quickly gained recognition from many Fire Department organizations as an effective way to get functionally fit and boost productivity on the fire-ground. Thousands of firefighters have testified to the effectiveness of the Fire Athlete Fitness Program. After the creation of the Fire Athlete Fitness Program workout book, the experience has grown into a nationally recognized fitness phenomenon.



About the Camps

Each camp invites you in to experience life as a firefighter. The entire camp is authentic; from the locations (in fire stations) to the equipment used in the workout, you will train like professional firefighters one hour at a time.   The workout you participate in is the exact program used by thousands of firefighters nationally.

Is it for me?

  • Some would think that working out along side of professional firefighters would be intimidating- trust me its not! We treat every participant as one of our own- our motivation is to break boundaries and find the inner “Fire Athlete” in every camper
  • The camps are 100% non bias- no matter your profession, fitness level, age or gender- you get out what you put in
  • If it works for the fire service it can work for you.  Participants have experienced major fitness breakthroughs – from dropping 40 pounds to gaining functional strength, stamina and endurance that incorporate into all areas of life. This workout challenges everyone to push to new heights; it is life changing!




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