Meet the Trainers

Ryan Vacek
Lieutenant/ EMT-B
Peer Fitness/ Personal Trainer

Author and creator of the Fire Athlete Fitness Program Ryan Vacek has literally reshaped the fire service.  Ryan is a Lieutenant and Wellness/ Fitness Coordinator at the Westlake Fire Department here in the Austin area. He is a nationally renowned firefighter trainer, instructor/ presenter of firefighter fitness health and wellness.  With more than 15 years of experience as a fitness professional, Ryan has built his client base to include fire cadets, professional firefighters, athletes, and the general public. He is known for his passionate focus, desire, drive, and encouragement, and backs it up with 15 years of solid firefighter training. 

Ryan’s training is effective because of his ability to translate his own training as a Lieutenant in the fire service into his public business. His scope is tremendous and encompasses the mental as well as physical rigors of fitness, just like in firefighting. With dedication and an iron work ethic, Ryan can transform someone’s life by getting them to believe in themselves.

Curtis Vacek
Firefighter/ EMT-I
Personal Trainer
firefighter-photo-1 Ryan’s younger brother Curtis has been a driving force behind the Fire Athlete Fitness Program.  As a Firefighter at the Westlake Fire Department for 10 years, he has been a mentor to many.  His strength, character, enthusiasm, integrity and fitness level brands him as one of Westlake’s finest.  Between the two Vacek brothers, Curtis posses the creative gene, and plays a key role in the Wellness/ Fitness Program at the fire department, he also helps create exercises and workouts keeping the atmosphere fresh, fun, yet challenging.  Curtis’ “never give up” attitude and genuine personality infuse   maximum effort while working out with him.
While growing up, Ryan and Curtis were taught to create your own future and never allow anyone manipulate your goals.  We are striving to fulfill our dream everyday—Join Us!    


Stormy Shipman                                                                                                                                            Veterinary Technician                                                                                                                                  Personal Trainer 



Stormy Shipman has been excited by fitness for most of her life. She started teaching Fire Athlete classes in 2011, and fell in love with the workout.  She thinks any form of fitness should be FUN if people are going to stay with it. Determination being one of her biggest motivators, she tries to make each class a new and exciting blend of functional fitness.  She currently lives in Austin, and loves spending time with friends and the Fire Athlete Family.  A Veterinary Technician by day, and a FAB trainer on her time off.  


Bobby Amidon    

Police Detective                                                                    

Personal Trainer                                                                                                                                               

Bobby As a Division 1 athlete, Bobby has had the opportunity to train under elite Strength and Conditioning coaches.  His diverse training background comes from his extensive baseball experience, as well as his capability as a cadet training officer at the Leander Police Department.  He is passionate about enhancing athletic performance, especially in occupational athletes, but is also active in helping those who seek to improve their quality of life and health through exercise and fitness.

His inspiration and motivation over so many years within the Fire Athlete Family has been all the great people he has been able to work with and encouraged to work harder at stepping out of their comfort zone to make a change in their fitness levels.


All Fire Athlete Fitness Trainers are:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • CPR Healthcare First Aid Certified

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